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Named Selection in Ansys Workbench

The Named Selection feature allows you to create named selections that can be transferred to the ANSYS Mechanical application, or used in the creation of some features. You can select any combination of 3D entities, including point feature points (PF points). Selections are performed through an Apply/Cancel property called Geometry in the Details View of ANSYS DesignModeler.

If the geometry file set in the Geometry cell is of type “agdb” then the Named Selection option will not be available in the Properties section of the Geometry cell in the ANSYS Workbench environment Project Schematic.

Propagate Selection Property — allows tracking of entities even after applying modeling operations. The Geometry property shows an updated entity count after the modeling operations. This property is set to Yes by default. See Propagate Selection for more information.

Export Selection Property — allows control of the transfer of Named Selections to downstream applications such as the ANSYS Mechanical application. Only Named Selections which have the Export Selection property set to Yes will be transferred to any downstream applications. This property is set to Yes by default.

Include In Legend Property — allows control of whether the Named Selection will appear in the graphical legend when the Face Coloring > by Name Selection graphics option is enabled. This property is set to Yes by default. See Face Coloring for more information.

The Details View of a Named Selection is shown below.

Different geometries, such as; vertex, face, edges, nodes, solids can be selected by picking geometry from the FE model.

The Export Selection and Include In Legend can be modified as a group if multiple Named Selection features in the Tree Outline.

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