Engineering, Analysis and Design

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

About Us

Mechead was found in 2017 by young PhD researchers at The University of Sheffield. The initial objective was to share the knowledge and experience which we acquired during our research. However, in a short time, the webpage received particular interest from all over the world and reached a number of people who were in search of recent developments, solutions and methods in the engineering area.

Recently we also let young researchers, engineers promote their research on mechead for free of charge. In discussions sections, you will be soon asking questions and queries about a variety of subjects; finite element solutions, theoretical approaches, experimental methods and machine design.

What does Mechead mean?

Mechead is the abbreviation of Mechanical Engineering, Analysis and Design


Dr Özgün Sunar

Solid Mechanics, Material Science, Structural Analysis and Finite Element

Dr Hakan Doğan

Researcher Dynamics, Vibration Control, Space

Wissem Latrach

CAE Engineer ANSYS Certified Professional

Ahmet Okudan

Mentor Finite Element Analysis, 3D Printing FEA Academy Turkey

Michał Szulewski

CAE Engineer, FEA, Automotive, Simulations, Materials, R&D


We also offer professional consultancy for companies in the subjects of finite element solutions of structural analysis, solid mechanics, fatigue, vibration and control. Feel free to get in touch using the form below.

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