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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Stress or Stain life method in fatigue analysis


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We have been conducting a research on fatigue properties of aluminium materials as undergrad level. We have to design an experimental design and decide how much force we have to use in the experiments. However, we are not sure what fatigue life method stress or strain life method we have to use. Is there any specific difference in between (I am sure there is ) but can we use them instead?


Fatigue problems are relatively complicated compared to static analysis. First, you may want to start to understand whether your experiment can be done with standard fatigue tests. If not you would need to focus on a special-purpose fatigue test configuration.

Probably in the special purpose test configuration, you aim will be to replicate real boundary conditions and loading conditions. 

  • If it is a full-scale test you won't have any problem finding out the test force, ,it will be the exactly the same with the reality
  • But it is a small scale, you should integrate actual loading parameters into your small scale by keeping your real boundaries.



What about these articles, I guess it would be useful to understand the difference between stress and strain life.