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Thursday, June 13, 2024

‘ZENOS’ Open Sourced 3D Printable Prosthetic Arm

New York based industrial designer, chan lee, has devised the ‘ZENOS’ open sourced, 3D printable prosthetic arm. the project has been developed for amputees who require a high-performance prosthesis for sports activities, such as mountain biking and cycling. the innovative design and technology encourages amputees to enjoy an active and adventurous lifestyle without the restriction of traditional prosthetics.

Mountain biking and cycling are one of the most popular and challenging outdoor activities for amputees and maintaining an active lifestyle is not only essential for physical health, but also for mental wellbeing. unfortunately, current prosthesis designed for these activities are mostly expensive and difficult to set up. lee has therefore developed ‘ZENOS’ as an open sourced 3D printable prosthetic arm, that users or designers can download anywhere for free. the 3D printable feature offers amputee users a more affordable alternative that is accessible to anyone, enabling outdoor activities such as mountain biking, to be enjoyed without limitations.

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