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Friday, May 17, 2024

Online Ansys Courses for Free

Ansys has launched a learning programme for those who want to improve their engineering skills with Ansys software. According to the official announcement by Ansys, The Ansys Academic Program has introduced a new resource through its Innovation Courses that help educators, students and professional engineers who would like to brush up on new techniques or branch out into different disciplines.

Ansys Innovation Courses cover a wide range of topics from heat transfer in fluids to material performance, contact mechanics, shock-expansion theory, and a lot more. Supported with simulation, each course provides a deep experience in the field as well as problem solving situations about the specific problem in the field of engineering the course covers.

There are over 100 free courses in total, where a student can explore the most fitting field of engineering for himself, rather than having to go through more general classes.

And finally, Ansys Innovation Courses brings students an easy way to learn key concepts using simulation. Thus, it supports every engineering student in every educational institution by providing a supportive education.

You can click or visit to start your online learning journey using simulation with Ansys Innovation Courses, increasing your grasp of many physics and engineering concepts, from wherever you are, for free.

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