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Thursday, September 28, 2023

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What is Fracture Mechanics?

In the realm of engineering and materials science, ensuring the structural integrity of various components and structures is of utmost importance. From bridges and buildings to airplanes and pipelines, the potential for fractures and failures poses significant risks. Enter fracture…
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Latex or Word?

As academics, we are often concerned about publishing theses, journal articles, technical reports, and many more. During the writing stage not only the text content is challenging but also using appropriate text editing software and methods are very important in…

Advanced Contacts in Ansys Workbench-1

Contact types and conditions are among the most challenging points for Ansys Workbench users. However, due to the fact that contact properties are rather complicated, therefore, we will divide this topic into Advanced Contacts in Ansys Workbench 1 and 2.…

DALL-E New Generation Masterpieces

It has been a while since OpenAI announced DALL-E which generated digital images from natural language descriptions. and we have been seeing pictures generated by DALL-E on social media posts. However, we did not think this AI algorithm could work…